What is a Construction Drawing?

What is a Construction Drawing?

Construction Drawings are the architectural blueprints created/developed by the architect for conveying the ideas, concepts, details of construction and other pre-requisites. With the help of which, the execution of the project according to the architect can be done easily by the contractor. These construction drawings also work as a record for the client regarding their project.

Why Construction Drawings are necessary for development of a building?

For an accurate execution of construction projects, a set of architectural drawings provided by the architects are necessary on the site of construction in order for correct construction execution by the contractor. Such details of production include precise dimensions and exact materials to be used. A Construction Drawing consists of a detailed architectural floor planning, sections or elevations.

Why is it necessary to have a Construction Drawing?

When we talk about the perfect enactments and organized methodologies for constructing a building, we always need to take care of all the essential components of a building without which the project remains lacking and erratic. While constructing a building, an architect while designing and a contractor while constructing a building mandates the acute composition of several nerve points of a building which can be easily recorded in a Construction Drawing. These nerve points of a building are-

  • Safety and Security

With the implementation of construction drawing software in designing architectural drawings, we get the construction done in the method of prevention from potential risk hazards such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes etc. Planning for fire protection, adequate inlet for air quality, electrical safety, accidental protections and fall protections.

  • Constructing a Green Building

The computer aided software based Construction Drawings makes it very proficient to develop a sustainable green building. It helps us to create greener structures withholding every common and minute objective of a green building, which is to reduce the overall effects of building structures and their built environment on human health and environment by making efficient usage of energy, water and other prestigious resources, reduction of waste and pollution causing environment degradation.

  • Energy Saving

A building is made energy efficient through various minuscule ways and building techniques that we get from the Construction Drawings, such as, in prebuilding phase, the usage of energy efficient methods of building design, appropriate selection and planning of site, suitable building plan with proficient space organization and choosing energy efficient building materials with the maximum practice of renewable energy resources.

  • Controlled Pollution

Pollution arising due to different phases of pre & post construction and demolition of buildings is controlled at a great extent while effecting intellect, software based constructional drawings. Every form of pollution be it in the form of radiation, nearby environmental air, surroundings and location is mandatory to be kept in check to make it an unspoiled and green building structure.

  • Accurate Hardware Installations

This nerve of a building plays a very crucial role in making it reliable and compatible with a human residence. A proportional selection for the perfect installation of every type of hardware be it electrical or plumbing, in a building is made via the help of constructional drawing software, making it easier to know about the most efficient site of hardware fitting in developing an intelligently designed building.

  • Easy to work floor plans for servicing

Floor plan is basically the top view of a designed floor. It helps in depicting the entire building/ a floor/ a single room. It includes all the dimensional measurements and other quantities mandatory for designing furniture layout, house wirings, plumbing and much more. Such kind of a floor plan which is easy to work and servicemen friendly is designed with the help of a Construction Drawing software which is also very important for developing a compatible and reliable building.

Good Practices in MEP Designs and Services

In the world of construction engineering, for creating green and sustainable buildings, good MEP designs and service implementations are mandatory to be practiced by every builder, architect, and contractor. First of all, let us clear for those who are partially aware or completely new in knowing what MEP stands for. MEP stands for MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING services done during the construction phase of a building.

You might be wondering how the acronym (MEP) is holding such importance that it has been so much emphasized here and in every good practice of civil engineering.  For clarifying this, let us assume that you currently own a flat in a building that is built with much deficient quality services and backward techniques. Now it isn’t going to be revealed initially when you are happy with your flat, the effects of bad MEP designs and MEP services will be transparent to you with years passing & you start experiencing problems like cracks in walls, water leakage or electrical problems in your flat. Many of you must be well aware with cases of improper drainage, leaking walls, application of poor construction material, etc. of some aged buildings around you. This doesn’t mean that every building must be done with the bad practices of MEP designs and MEP services. This can also happen due to improper MEP services implied to that building at the time of construction. Therefore, with the aim of constructing highly reliable and eco-friendly structures that have become the necessity of the environment and mandatory aspect declared by the government, good practices of MEP designs and MEP services are done worldwide to a great extent.

The knowledge for knowing what should be the good practices of MEP designs and MEP services is beneficial at both, i.e., the buyer and the builder. A builder will be then able to cater to his customer the advanced level of MEP design and MEP services in the building and the buyer will be happy and satisfied with the investment he has made.

Good practices in MEP designs & MEP services

Here are some important and best 6 MEP designs and MEP services described for delivering efficient optimization of the MEP designs.

Adhering firmly to the principle of sustainable construction using best MEP designs and MEP services

Here, the use of a very fundamental and important concept of conservation of environment which is sustainable development is emphasized the most. Sustainable development concludes the efficient use of energy and available resources. Minimization of affluently used constructional, energy and fuel resources when it is citing more than required, recycling and reusing the energy resources or constructional resources. All these come under the good practices of MEP design and MEP services. 

Efficiently designed MEP services for the utilization of site potential

MEP designs and MEP services have the tendency of making the efficient utilization of energy resources available either abundantly in the environment or scanty in nature. MEP designs and MEP services can be utilized in harnessing the potential natural energy resources such as sunlight and wind for ensuring the additional availability of electricity requirements of the residents.

Optimization of materials used

With the optimization used via MEP designs and MEP services, the materials used in MEP systems have a very crucial role in the efficiency factor of the building. As the use of materials having an optimum coefficient of heat transfer according to the point of reference and site of the building can help in reducing the heavy load on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems in the buildings.

Fresh Air Handling Unit in MEP designs and MEP services

The comfort level, productivity, and health greatly depend upon how the occupants breathe. Therefore, indoor air quality plays a vital role in all of these. It should be precisely practiced that the use of air curtains in the form of Fresh Air Handling Units possessing the functionality of advanced heat recovery options is responsible to reduce the thermal exchange via the building cloak. All these happen due to the application of smart MEP designs and MEP services in your project.

Reduced energy consumption by using smart technologies

The asset which is able to control the energy consumption of a building comes with equipment possessing high COP and EER. MEP designs and MEP services should make the usage of smart technology for e.g. compressors based on the inverters, solar building designs, sensors for lightening and using fluorescent lights in the place of incandescent bulbs for decreasing the electrical load of the built structure.

Accurate installations of MEP services with the delivery of regularly updated training

The precise and accurate installations of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in a building make it alive and healthy. For regular maintenance, these MEP services should be made advanced on the technology basis from time to time. Sometimes when you choose appropriate materials with idyllic MEP designs won’t be taking you too far if the installation has not been carried out perfectly. Taking training regularly from companies providing professional MEP designs and MEP services is crucial for attaining optimum efficiency in the operation of the overall system.

Performance improvement and optimization of a building can be carried out via different methodologies. The utmost thing is that the right collaboration of architects, MEP engineers, contractors should exist. Instead of making a compromise and cutting the corners the practical difficulties should be minimized by making a feedback loop in the system. Adhering to the principles of sustainable development, service providers, engineers, and electromechanical companies should be habitual in using an approach based on the performance of the system rather than the traditional, compliance-based standpoint. The harmony of every single step of constructing a building inclusive of the MEP designs with architects and MEP services with servicemen results in the achievement of green structure with human comfort. The above six points can make a large impact on making a building follow the principle of sustainability.

MEP designs, services, and consultants in green buildings: The most important role

The concept of green building

The concept of green building has come forward from the very basic and old concept of sustainable development. With the depletion of natural resources and the degradation of an eco-friendly environment, it has become the need of the hour to implement more and more eco-friendly structures over the globe. The Government at many places has made it a mandatory feature nowadays to develop and build greener structures complying with the environment very efficiently and maintaining the good health of the occupants. Due to many degrading environmental factors, the constant demand of improved construction quality is emphasized. Different technologies along with several regulations and policies such as MEP designs, MEP services, and MEP consultants have evolved rapidly to justify the green building pre-requisites. As sustainable development is the principle of maintaining the earth’s good health, sustainability is required to practice during every environmental effort. Not just for buildings, it should be practiced while consuming or making use of any renewable/non-renewable resources. As we are facing a clear shortage of natural resources and energy, global warming and climate change across the globe aren’t the issues to be avoided.

Green building is the best part of preserving our natural resources and providing residence for every needed person. We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors but we have borrowed it from our future, to which we have to return with an adequate amount of energy and resources left or regenerated. This has brought a revolutionary evolution in the field of engineering and science in the form of MEP designs, MEP services, and MEP consultants. The acronym MEP stands for Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services employed in a building during the construction and employment of electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.

As revealed form scientific researches, buildings around the world are also responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases and global warming. There are various issues such as malfunctioning caused by the inefficiency of building heating systems, lights, ACs, and improper ventilation have resulted in the form of overloading and increased temperature. As a result, the effects of such a change in the gases of the environment and temperature can be seen easily in the occupants, which affect their health to a great extent.

MEP designs, MEP services and MEP consultants: A key for developing green buildings

Thus, to provide residents a good and healthy living, there are several factors on which building construction process is working on. One such factor is the implementation of MEP designs, MEP services and training from MEP consultants. These MEP design software make you able to design environment-friendly structures and sustainable development of a building. All the planning starting from the material selection, resource management, and the floor plan is included in the software design. The MEP consultants can even train you in MEP designs by employing training of using the software. The building contractors, MEP consultants, and architects can collaborate very efficiently on the software and can manage the client requirements on the same platform.

The MEP services, MEP designs, and MEP contractors not only provide efficient steps in the procedure but also tells you various methods of sustainable resource utilization. Due to the changing climatic conditions of the globe day by day, MEP designs, MEP services and MEP consultants have made it possible to design buildings promoting peace and healthy living. To accompany these, there are a few basic principles of green building development –

Eco-friendly architecture and sustainable design using MEP designs and services

Using MEP designs and MEP services in building construction, will make the building more environment friendly. The ‘M’ inside the MEP acronym accounts for all the mechanical fittings like elevators and lifts in a building, air ventilation systems, coolers, cooling and fanning provided to the mechanical systems of the building infrastructure. The inner ventilation of the houses and kitchens, exhaust systems and other required ventilation are made properly to ensure that the building remains in a constant and neutral temperature. These all mechanical sections of MEP services are enhanced with the high-tech MEP design software and must be implementable wherever there is a need for green building structures.

 Reduced consumption of the non-renewable sources for the construction of a building, proper disposal and management of waste during construction, taking care of the vicinity and environment. Practicing sustainable designs using MEP designs, MEP services and the support of MEP consultants will reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Based on various statistics, the impact that the buildings have on the natural aura and human health is significant, developing the use of green methods of construction from MEP designs and MEP services hold the strength to maximize the environmental performance of a building. Hence, it delivers a cost-saving investment to the owner. Green methods of construction are implementable at any stage of construction of a building. One can implement it between building designing, construction, repair or renovation or demolition.

Use of some eco-friendly energy-saving technologies

The use of some eco-friendly energy-saving technologies is also cultivated as a habit in green buildings such as the maximum use of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar energy for producing enough amount of energy to be utilized by its occupants. Rainwater harvesting systems is an important part of saving water resources & make mandatory by various development authorities. Making some significant efforts for making your building more environmental friendly is done by taking care of the proper ventilation and cooling of the inner mechanical systems like pumps, electric transporters, air conditioner systems.

Green building practices involves the ability to-

  • Accurate and precise optimization of the site potential
  • Minimization of the consumption of non-renewable energy resources
  • Making utilization of Eco-friendly sources and materials
  • Implementation of energy-conserving and water harvesting systems
  • Accurate methods of MEP designs and MEP services implementation with MEP services used in the maintenance of the green structures

Fire Protection and Safety Requirements in Your Building

Fire Protection and Safety Requirements in Your Building

To construct a highly reliable and secure building, all the risky hazards should have a very strong solution that your building provides. A huge loss of property, life, money and other valuable assets is caused by a small little spark spread in a huge form. Talking about fire safety, the builders and engineers should not only focus on the solutions of getting an escape from fire but they should be 90% concentrated towards the point that fire should not be triggered. Fire accidents result in disruption of several activities, damage of official documents, loss of manpower working hours and liability claims. Fire safety measures should be a combination of the safety of life and property. Fire safety hacks and designs should be prepared to keep in mind the type of construction, number of residents and type of occupancy. 

Fire safety and life-protection systems

The fire safety and life-protection systems consist of exit systems from the buildings, fire alarms and fire control systems. The buildings today need to install and use the structural & operational systems for minimizing the fire effect on the people and family. The fire protection systems can be categorized in two categories namely, active and passive. 

Actions implementation before fire accidents

We don’t require fire protection only after it has occurred but we must minimize the causes and probability of spreading once it has occurred. It can be now achieved when we build a sustainable building in all senses. There are some measures related to fire accidents employed prior construction of buildings that prevent fire and smoke from spreading in different areas. Construction of walls, ceilings, and floors with fire-resistant properties withholding at least one hour of fire to prevent it from spreading in different areas. Whereas, the active fire protection comprises all the steps and safety equipment required to control the fire after it has occurred.

Common causes of fire in residential and commercial buildings 

Sometimes, the cause of the fire in a building is unknown therefore, working conditions of the fire safety equipment like fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire extinguisher should be checked timely. There are several known and unknown reasons for fire spreading in a building. If we talk about the residential buildings, there are several reasons which are responsible for fire taking vast form. Fire during cooking, a distraction from cooking and leaving the cooking utensil unattended for a long time results in a huge fire, either you are cooking on a gas stove or hot plates. Not keeping an eye on the safety standards in your heating equipment like a geyser or portable heaters is also a risk of letting it blast into the fire. Carelessly smoking at any time will leave you with trouble of huge fire if not kept a check on it. Candles and children with hazardous things can also lead to fire. Faulty wirings in the circuit system of a house can lead to unwanted fire accidents due to short circuits or heavy load. Electrical contractors while servicing in a building should be highly concerned about fire safety from electrical wirings following safety standards and fire-resistant measures. Inadequate prevention from lightning and thunder can turn  the whole circuit wirings of the building to malfunction. 

Fire safety and protection systems in a building

  • Fire extinguishers – Placement of fire extinguishers at designated fire-prone areas of the building such as nearby kitchen or washroom is a smart step. Most likely there are the chances that these places can get caught by fire easily and quickly. This will ensure that the fire spread is in a concentrated area and is controlled by the help of these fire extinguishers. A check should be done timely to examine if your fire extinguishers are in working condition or not. Also, the employees or residents should be trained before using a fire extinguisher.
  • Fire alarms- A fire alarm is undoubtedly a great step for becoming aware and making all other people aware of the fire taking place in a particular area of that building. This will not only help in making people aware of the fire but also make them alert of putting off the fire if it is in the initial phase. A check on the batteries of the fire alarms should be kept periodically to make sure they are useful in case of fire.
  • Fire sprinklers- Fire sprinklers can control fire to a very great extent. Even two or three fire sprinklers on a floor can prevent a huge amount of loss of life and property. This works on the principle of temperature sensing i.e. if the area exceeds a particular temperature, the fire sprinklers are activated. An acute combination of plumbing and electrical services can accommodate the ceilings of the building with these fire sprinkler systems. 

Regular testing and maintenance of fire safety equipment and electrical systems

All the electrical circuitry and fire safety systems should be standardized according to government norms and mandatory safety ethics. Quarterly or half-yearly inspections of your building’s safety alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinklers should be done to ensure the life safety of the residents or employees of the building. As time passes, house wirings and electrical circuitry should be maintained and serviced for any faults if occurs. Ignoring the gas leakage or frequent switching off of the MCB can result in a fire. Electrical contractors should be up to date with the servicing of electrical wiring and fuse quality standards while employing it in a building. A bolt of lightning due to thunderstorms can also affect the whole circuit system of a building therefore, pre-requisite planning should be followed by using expert MEP services to ensure the long and healthy living of the residents or employees.