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Frequestly Asked Questions


Yes, we design and plan all services under fire, safety and security.
We generally generate wall elevation to show how the services will move in wall, by taking inputs of furniture/fixture layout from the floor plan but if there is any other requirement, we are happy to help.
We follow :
1) ASHRAE standards
2) Indian Plumbing code
3) NBC 2016
We require the drawings in CAD format
We have a team of consultants having 15+ years of experience which validates the calculations.
Yes, we can share sample set of drawings developed by us.
We take inputs from you, through a questionnaire that we provide to our customers before starting work.
We take these inputs from drawings (plan & section) provided by you
We charge as per the type, size and complexity of the project.
We provide instant revisions in case there is a change in drawings during the project.
Yes, we do suggest type and quality of material according to the plan
No, we are becoming a aid for them by easing out their workflows & time, so that they can work with more volume of projects & improve client relations.
We have embedded rera rules in our software.
We require all drawings with floor plans (furniture layouts), sections, elevations along with structural drawings.
We only provide services as of now.
You can do changes on your end if required as we provide the output in CAD format. Although, if you want us to do changes we will help you.
Our drawings are accurate enough to go on site (Go For Construction) with each and every detail of system & material used that makes it easy for contractors working on-site to understand & execute accordingly.
There has been no issue till date, and in case any issue occurs we provide every possible support.
As of now, we only provide services related to MEP but soon we will come up with structural services as well.
Our BOQ’s are almost accurate, however it may have a variation of upto 2%.
We take care of collision in services and get it resolved.
Yes, here is a demo video showing how the product works. If you need demo for any of your drawings, contact us and we will provide that.
Contact us to know the commercials
In such conditions our software recognizes table and column blocks and generally drawings are made keeping these drafting considerations in mind.
Yes we do provide site visits.
Our experienced team of designers give approval on DBR.
Yes we can suggest materials as per the project and accordingly what brands to refer.
We have registered engineers that do signing if required.
We are not using any software as such but we will come up with 3D integration of design as well
Yes, we do provide value engineering.
Yes, we can do projects of such type and size as our team of designers is highly experienced in all type of building projects
No, we don’t do it right now.
We operate similar to any MEP consultant. We have experienced design team that does discussions & meetings as per requirement also the software helps us in our workflow because of which we are able to provide fast & efficient service.
Yes, if required, our team would visit you in your city.
Not yet, but soon we will come up with our 3d service as well.
Till date we have done projects of 1 Lac sq. ft., but our team of designers have an experience of 15+ years and have also worked with MNC’s like L&T and AECOM, so they have dealt with very big projects such as 10 lac sq. ft.+
Yes, we do know norms for services in every state as generally all states follow unified laws.
For details on payment structure you can write us at contact@pillarplus.com
We provide final drawings or Go for construction drawings (GFCs). We also provide Shop drawings but it depends on requirement of vendors or contractors.
Yes, we do prepare tender drawings.
We would require all architectural and structural CAD drawings from your side.
We assure that the data provided by you is treated as strictly confidential and is not revealed or provided to any one for any matter whatsoever without your permission. We also sign NDA for the same if required.
All these requirements are taken care by experienced design team
We provide all mechanical, electrical & plumbing drawings. for more details you may write us at contact@pillarplus.com or visit www.pillarplus.com
No, we don’t provide structural drawings yet but we will do it soon.
Generally, we take about 1-3 days but it depends on the size, type and complexity of the project. Although we try to do it record time.
We do optimization of material in order to reduce cost.
Yes, we do follow green building or any other certification organization guidelines if required for the project.
We suggest acoustic for MEP if required that generally requires material specification but we do not provide acoustic designs as of now.


All sanitary fixtures like – WC, Wash basin etc & C.P fittings like – Water taps, Health faucet etc.
We take inputs from the drawings (Plan & Section).
Yes, we do provide services for swimming pool, club house, water bodies and lifts.
Yes, we can plan & design the treatment plants.


Our designer designs both number of points and size of pipe as per the suggestions by our software.
Charges for electrical drawings will be around 30% of total MEP cost. For more details you can email us at contact@pillarplus.com


We follow NBC 2016, NFPA & particular state laws if any.


We take inputs from designers like heat load calculations, CFM (Cubic Feet / Minute) required etc. And then the routing & planning is done through software.

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