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Frequestly Asked Questions


MEP is an acronym that stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. These three technical disciplines encompass the systems that help design building services to maintain structural interiors suitable for human occupancy. MEP installations are addressed together because these services are closely associated, and this combination helps avoid conflicts in equipment locations.

At PillarPlus, we provide  precisely detailed set of coordinated MEP drawings along with a BOQ and internal wall elevations. We also offer revisions (if required) in generated drawings before and during the projects we collaborate for.

The advantage we have over other consultancies is that we generate and provide a detailed set of all services’ drawings in half the time as compared to other consultancies. Along with this set, we offer a detailed BOQ and internal wall elevations. Keeping in mind the regional vernacular ethnicity, we also provide our MEP drawings in Hindi language.

About Our Software

Artificial Intelligence based computer programs are generated to assist in achieving goals and solve problems as humans would. Our software assists to generate drawings and layouts using the input provided by the architects while reducing their efforts and managing time. The software reads the layouts provided and initiate the service routings optimistically. For example: in a toilet, there are fixtures like Water Closet (WC), washbasin, shower cubicles etc. inter-related with shafts, floor traps and stacks, stationed by the architect following the requirements of the occupants. Our software will read these provisions and provide the routing layouts which include joints, sizes of pipes, stacking, and detailed bill of quantities.

A common problem when electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems are designed in isolation is the equipment’s co-ordination and efficient placement of services. Artificial Intelligence in MEP is directed to ease up these issues which our industry face.

The primary intent to use artificial intelligence while generating MEP drawings is to reduce or completely omit the tedious and repetitive work that goes into drafting services’ drawings. While in other software, the input for layouts is given manually, we use artificial intelligence to draft our drawings.

The software recognizes the outline of fixtures and determines the type of fixtures before initiating the routing layouts. In case of any conflict (which is very unlikely), our MEP designers intervene and make sure the inputs are correctly put.

High precision of MEP drawings ensures minimum conflicts and confusion at site. We emphasize on precision to ease the process of implementation of services’ layouts in a building structure.

We are only providing services, as of now.

About Pillarplus Services

We take inputs from you through a questionnaire that we provide to our customers before starting work.

We require specifics about services that you want our consultants’ assistance with.

We require AutoCAD files of structurally coordinated layouts for services you want us to work on. Our software reads .dwg files.

Our software provides a detailed Bill of Quantities (BOQ) with utmost precision. Higher quality of the BOQ is a must to estimate the cost of services and equipment. It helps the project managers, architects, and vendors to coordinate efficiently while minimizing the cost and material wastage.

We have ingrained National Building Codes (NBC,2016) in our software along with ASHRAE standards, Indian Plumbing Codes, and NFPA. Apart from these, if any other guidelines are there depending on the project’s zone, geographical and administrative location, we insert those in the software.

Yes, we do. We have experienced and efficient consultants and engineers who look after the ongoing site work.

We charge for the whole set of MEP services’ drawings based on the project’s type, scale, and complexity. For a determined project quotation, kindly reach us using the “request proposal” option available on our website. You can also contact us via WhatsApp or E-mail.

Depending on the requirements of the layouts of a service, we are open to negotiating for each service’s rates individually.

Our software provides instant revisions in case there is any alteration in the original design during the project. Also, we offer the .dwg format of our final drawings to you, in case if you need to alter the drawings yourself, you may.

The more the precision is, the less it is likely to face an issue at any site, that’s what we believe. That’s why we aim to provide such drawings that are easy to read and understand by everyone, which will ultimately keep a check on the mistakes generally made during the implementation of services’ layouts on site.

We have a team of consultants having 15+ years of experience who checks and validates every calculation.

Our consultants are all licensed engineers and architects. We keep a check on specifics, which shall be considered during the preparation of approval drawings.

The rules and guidelines suggested by RERA are already embedded in our software.

Our software works regardless of the scale and complexity of any project. It aids us in providing layouts for all kinds of projects. Till date, we have successfully completed projects up-to 1 lac square feet and our team of designers have an experience of 15+ years and have also worked with MNC’s like L&T and AECOM, they have dealt with projects up-to 10 lacs square feet.

We arrange meetings and brainstorming sessions among our consultants and architects as many times as required.

We can assist you by checking already drafted drawings for precision and complete them in every way possible.

We generate wall elevations to show how the services will move in walls by taking inputs of furniture/fixture layouts from the plan, but there is any other requirement, we are glad to discuss and optimize our layouts accordingly.

According to your requirements and specifications, we can help you generate an estimate based on our precise BOQ.

If required, we suggest materials and alternate equipment, once an estimate is generated, to optimize as per your demands and needs.

Yes, we can. We at PillarPlus believe in maintaining transparency with all our clients and associates. We can provide a sample set of our drawings and a BOQ format for your perusal. We also provide a demo of our services for any of your previously done or ongoing projects for your thorough understanding.

We only provide services related to MEP, but soon we will introduce structural services as well.

Our BOQs are fairly precise; however, it may have a variation of up-to 2 percent.


We provide schematic drawings, drainage, and water supply routing layouts with internal wall elevations and BOQ.

We also design for solar water heating, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant, sceptic tanks and water treatment plants.

All sanitary fixtures like water closets, wash basins etc and all C.P. fittings like water taps, health faucet etc.

We take references from the provided drawings (plan and sections). If required, we discuss these specifications with architects.

We give the input of structural layouts to the software along with plumbing fixture layouts. The software optimistically determines routing possibilities and provide us with the best case scenario, addressing and omitting all the conflicts.


We provide controlling, conduiting, DB designs, SLD designs and internal wall elevations along with module table and BOQs.

Our MEP designers compose and determine the placement of points and required size of pipe for the running wires according to the suggestions given by our software

Our software is designed to handle all these wiring quantity and design calculations. Also, our team of consultants gets them vetted.

Fire Fighting

We provide sprinkler and hydrant layouts as per the NBC norms.

Yes, we accommodate guidelines specific to respective states, if any.

We refer NBC forms to determine the requirements and follow fire safety regulations for installation instructions.


We provide ducting and piping layouts.

We take inputs from architects and our MEP designers. These inputs are heat load calculations, required CFM (Cubic Feet/minute), etc. The routing and layout planning is done through our software.


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