There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental
difference in someone’s life.
Mary Rose McGeady

Any architectural floor plan requires engineering blueprints of fire safety, electrical and plumbing. Due to a shortage of experts, engineering regulations are frequently violated. Stinking bathrooms are widespread in India. The 2019 Surat fire accident resulted in the death of 15 teenagers, and led us to write software that monitors law violations in blueprints. The algorithms evolved into automated AI tools generating the blueprints directly that always comply with building codes. The strong motive of contributing to the country’s betterment through a quality infrastructure has led us to excel in the MEP industry in no time. An effectual intent and a team of result-oriented enthusiasts is what makes PillarPlus stand out. Our radical idea has been the talk of the town ever since it was introduced in the market. Soon, we could expand our network by working with some of the eminent architects, consultants and builders. 

Our company achieved one of many milestones by completing 100 projects recently, which is a consequence of constant dedication towards achieving excellence in what we do. Besides working in numerous locations within India, PillarPlus partnered with foreign consultants to execute projects internationally as well. With each project, our beliefs and objectives have grown stronger, i.e., to induce technology for enhancing the infrastructural facility. 

As a celebration of completing 100 projects, PillarPlus wanted to make its foundation more profound by giving back to society, leading to their success. Continuing with their legacy of contributing towards a social cause, PillarPlus is on a mission of installing 100 public toilets all over the countries in the coming months. 

We recognized the issue when Naman Kasliwal, one of our CEO of PilllarPlus, was travelling to Bihar for a project. The dilapidated condition of the public toilets in the village left him wondering how it is hazardous for the locals and the tourists. The toilets were unhygienic, filthy, lacked cleanliness and necessary facilities like ventilation, electricity and water.

After taking extensive feedback about the problems faced by localities on a daily basis, he realized the urgent need to improve the condition of public toilets all over the country. He shared his views on the current situation and our team at PillarPlus started R&D regarding the issue. The research revealed an astonishing shortage of concerned consultants and a lack of awareness among the public. While there are many government schemes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, National Health Mission, National Urban Sanitation Policy, National Rural Sanitation Policy, there are not enough consultants working in the domain. At PillarPlus, we decided to take the social responsibility into our own hands and contribute our share to society. Our designers, software team and MEP consultants came together to brainstorm and innovate new ideas.

Inauguration of the first public toilet in Ramgarh, Jaipur

We took the opportunity of revealing our prototype of a public toilet as a token of celebration. Upon completing 100 projects, PillarPlus converted its long-awaited dream into reality by installing two of many forthcoming public toilets in the villages of Ramgarh and Bahelodh. Our team takes great pride in getting the first public toilet installed in a remote village in Jaipur – Ramgarh, a place that had not witnessed a public toilet ever before.

Public toilet at Bahelodh built for a school

We are reforming the design of a public toilet by using our technology and expertise. Our AI-based software generates effective sanitation plans, electrical blueprints and plumbing drawings for the public toilet layout. At PillarPlus, we believe in creating an impact. The ideology runs across the team, which is designing these toilets at zero costs to transform the face of Indian villages.

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