PillarPlus – Future of Construction is part of the Y Combinator’s w20 batch

PillarPlus – Future of Construction is part of the Y Combinator’s w20 batch

We, PillarPlus, have been selected by Y Combinator for our innovative use of technology in the construction industry devoid of software automation. We want to build cities of the future that are safe, efficient and hygienic by providing highly detailed blueprints in record speed. Smart algorithms ensure generated blueprints adhere to all norms as per the 4000-page document called National Building Codes. Our accurate bill of materials are challenging industry standards of project cost estimates.

Founded by Naman Kasliwal and Rushil Mathur, PillarPlus is currently operating in India, with an aim to replace expensive-tedious-manual designing work with automated software.

During the Y Combinator program, our revenue grew 90% month on month. 60+ architects and contractors from Jaipur partnered with us during this time.

We see PillarPlus becoming a one-stop solution for instant construction planning and conceptualisation. We’re already the world’s fastest service provider of construction blueprints.

PillarPlus plans to:
– Scale to multiple Indian cities
– Build more: structural, product recommendations, brand specifications, building schedule rates, 3D integration

Contact us:
Shoot us an email at [email protected] to give your feedback over our service. We’d love to hear how can we be helpful to you.

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