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PillarPlus software- A software that automatically generates construction blueprints.

Our AI-based software can concise a 30-day rigorous work in just 15 mins! The software complies with the NBC codes and regulations, hence produces accurate and efficient MEP drawings for all building types. We value your time and money and so does our software. It eliminates drafting and human errors while producing quality Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire safety drawings along with detailed BOQ (Bill of Quantities).

Excitement, Passion and Excellence

At PillarPlus, we are a team of like-minded individuals who come together from different background to bring new perspectives on the table. Our high-tech coding team is a set of skilled professionals who thrive to excel in what they do.

Sneak Peak into our AI

Detection of Rooms

Floor Plan

Detected Rooms, Walls (Highlighted by yellow fill)

Detection of Fixtures

Floor Plan

Detected Fixtures (Highlighted in squares)

Detection of Beams

Floor Plan

Detected Beams, Columns (Highlighted by black lines)

PillarPlus AI for MEP Design

The MEP consultant loads the project on the PillarPlus web application. The AI tool generates tentative MEP design plans with wall elevations, suggests pipe routes and design options to minimise material wastage.

Highly Detailed Blueprint Generation

Once the plans are approved by our MEP consultant on the PillarPlus web application, the designs get automatically converted into detailed blueprints as AutoCAD and PDF files for your submission and approval.

Design Plan to GFC Drawing Conversion

Our MEP drawings are detailed to the level of pipes, accessories and joints understandable for the contractors. Clarity helps in easy installation and coordination at the site making it more reliable.

BOQs and Reports Generation

The software calculates BOQs (bill of quantities) as per BSR (if required). It also generates standard reports and schematics to ensure smooth execution for your project.

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