How BMS brings about smart automation in building services

Whether it is an industrial plant, office building, or any other building type, building services are an integral part of their functionality. Moreover, with the building performing various functions simultaneously, their MEP services are complex and difficult to be handled manually. The rigorous task of monitoring and regulating these facilities is now replaced by an innovative technique of BMS (building management systems). BMS centralizes the management of significant infrastructure equipment to ensure the safe and efficient flow of operations. The application of BMS is growing even more due to the concept of developing smart buildings.

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BMS helps in monitoring and regulating the building services even remotely.

What is a Building Management System?

Building Management System is an automated control system that aims at monitoring and managing the MEP services in a building. Heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, pumping station, safety, lights, elevators, power are amongst many other services that can be automated via BMS. 

BMS is supported by a network of servers which ensure that all the facilities are operating properly. It allows a cost-efficient building operation by enhancing the productivity of the services whilst satisfying the needs of the building occupants.

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BMS contributes to a significant element of a smart building.

BMS applications in a building:

Mostly BMS is used to regulate the HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and, electrical services of the building. However, it can be integrated with many other functions as well. Some of the main features of an efficient BMS are mentioned here:

  • HVAC –regulates constant airflow to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels, control dampers, and fan speed monitors fan coil units, and AHU (Air Handling Unit).
  • Light control – control lights as per the schedule and the time of the day
  • Electric power control –ensures the proper working of core electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Boilers – maintains a constant temperature as per the requirement, regulate on/off switch of the boiler
  • Ventilation – adjust window panes or louvers according to the climatic conditions
  • Heating – maintains a specific temperature and switches the system on and off accordingly 
  • Security – ensures proper surveillance and warns against forced intrusion
  • Fire alarm – smoke detection and control system activates an alarm in times of hazards
  • Elevators – displays elevator videos and updates its status
  • Plumbing – monitors hydraulic flow, regulating valves and monitor water temperature

BMS is a flexible solution that allows the integration of other specifically designed facilities as well.  

Application of Building Management Systems in a building
Benefits of the BMS system

Besides simplifying the management of facilities in the building, BMS has many benefits that would assist in enhancing the building performance

  • Efficient monitoring of energy consumption
  • Saves time and money required for the maintenance of systems
  • Saves electricity by maximizing natural light and adjusting artificial lighting via sensors
  • Maintains comfortable indoor temperature by synchronization of HVAC and other services
  • Minimize energy consumption by turning off the services of unoccupied areas
  • Provide easy access and control to building operations 


With the increasing demand for smart buildings and cities, it is can said that Building Management Systems are the future of the construction industry. While saving a considerable amount of energy, BMS is also a cost-efficient system that can be customized as per the requirement. Indeed it is a smart solution for the management of significant infrastructure services.

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