In the world of construction engineering, for creating green and sustainable buildings, good MEP designs and service implementations are mandatory to be practised by every builder, architect, and contractor.

First of all, let us clear for those who are partially aware or utterly new in knowing what MEP stands for. MEP stands for MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, and PLUMBING services are done during the construction phase of a building.

You might be wondering how the acronym (MEP) is holding such importance that it has been so much emphasized here and in every good practice of civil engineering. For clarifying this, let us assume that you currently own a flat in a building that is built with much deficient quality services and backward techniques. Now it isn’t going to be revealed initially when you are happy with your flat, the effects of bad MEP designs and MEP services will be transparent to you with years passing & you start experiencing problems like cracks in walls, water leakage or electrical problems in your flat.

Many of you must be well aware of cases of improper drainage, leaking walls, application of inferior construction material, etc., of some aged buildings around you. This doesn’t mean that every building must be done with the bad practices of MEP designs and MEP services. This can also happen due to improper MEP services implied to that building at the time of construction. Therefore, with the aim of constructing highly reliable and eco-friendly structures that have become the necessity of the environment, PillarPlus provides top-grade MEP designs and services. Our MEP design company has highly accurate AI Software, which is 10X faster, 20X detailed MEP design and provides accurate BOQs.

The knowledge for knowing what should be the good practices of MEP designs and MEP services is beneficial at both, i.e., the buyer and the builder. A builder will be then able to cater to his customer the advanced level of MEP design and MEP services in the building, and the buyer will be happy and satisfied with the investment he has made.

Here are some important and best 6 MEP designs and MEP services described for delivering efficient optimization of the MEP designs.

Adhering firmly to the principle of sustainable construction using best MEP designs and MEP services

Here, the use of a fundamental and essential concept of conservation of the environment, which is sustainable development, is emphasized the most. Sustainable development concludes the efficient use of energy and available resources. Minimization of affluently used constructional, energy and fuel resources when it is citing more than required, recycling and reusing the energy resources or constructional resources. All these come under the good practices of MEP design and MEP services.

Efficiently designed MEP services for the utilization of site potential

MEP designs and MEP services have the tendency of making the efficient utilization of energy resources available either abundantly in the environment or scanty in nature. MEP designs and MEP services can be utilized in harnessing the potential natural energy resources such as sunlight and wind for ensuring the additional availability of electricity requirements of the residents.

Optimization of materials used

WWith the optimization used via MEP designs and MEP services, the materials used in MEP systems have a very crucial role in the efficiency factor of the building. As the use of materials having an optimum coefficient of heat transfer according to the point of reference and site of the building can help in reducing the heavy load on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems in the buildings

Fresh Air Handling Unit in MEP designs and MEP services

The comfort level, productivity, and health greatly depend upon how the occupants breathe. Therefore, indoor air quality plays a vital role in all of these. It should be precisely practised that the use of air curtains in the form of Fresh Air Handling Units possessing the functionality of advanced heat recovery options is responsible for reducing the thermal exchange via the building cloak. All these happen due to the application of smart MEP designs and MEP services in your project

Reduced energy consumption by using smart technologies

The asset which is able to control the energy consumption of a building comes with equipment possessing high COP and EER. MEP designs and MEP services should make the usage of smart technology for e.g. compressors based on the inverters, solar building designs, sensors for lightening and using fluorescent lights in the place of incandescent bulbs for decreasing the electrical load of the built structure

Accurate installations of MEP services with the delivery of regularly updated training

The precise and accurate installations of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in a building make it alive and healthy. For regular maintenance, these MEP services should be made advanced on a technology basis from time to time. Sometimes when you choose appropriate materials with idyllic, MEP designs won’t be taking you too far if the installation has not been carried out perfectly. Taking training regularly from companies providing professional MEP designs and MEP services is crucial for obtaining optimum efficiency in the operation of the overall system.

Performance improvement and optimization of a building can be carried out via different methodologies. The foremost thing is that the right collaboration of architects, MEP design engineers, and contractors should exist.

Instead of making a compromise and cutting corners, the practical difficulties should be minimized by creating a feedback loop in the system. Adhering to the principles of sustainable development, service providers, engineers, and electromechanical companies should be habitual in using an approach based on the performance of the system rather than the traditional, compliance-based standpoint.

The harmony of every single step of constructing a building inclusive of the MEP designs consultants and MEP services with servicemen results in the achievement of green structure with human comfort. The above six points can make a significant impact on making a building follow the principle of sustainability.

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