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We all know about the important role MEP engineering work plays in making a building functional. In the general scheme of things, it lays out the plan of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures that will be installed in the building. But, in looking at the need of MEP Work for a building under construction, there are some specific reasons why it is needed, the primary one being to ensure safety and security.  

When a site plan is made, one common agenda for all the people involved in its construction is to make sure that the building is safety-proof upon completion. There are systems that need to be installed to avoid hazards like fire, flooding due to leakage or building collapse due to earthquakes. This is where the magic of MEP engineering comes into play and it supports builders in making a structure secure. So, the questions like- where the lighting will go, is the building supporting sustainability, what materials of the fixtures would be best, where should the security cameras be placed, how can the waste drainage be discarded safely- will all be answered during the MEP engineer’s assessment of the site.  

The MEP engineer, who takes the responsibility of a site, works around making it safe for public usage, by scanning the designs made by the architect and then, draws out the plans of the MEP work. The MEP engineer’s design layouts are made based on the requirements of the architect and the purpose behind the building’s making. For instance, let’s take an example of a mall building. When a mall building is under construction, then the safety factors that the MEP engineer will need to consider here will include things like smoke alarms, earthquake alarms, security cameras, central door locking system and high-quality wiring fixing. All these details aids in establishing a security plan for the building under construction and help protect it from potential natural hazards and threats like robbery, vandalism, looting and arson. At each step of the way, the MEP engineer will review the plan and do risk assessments and make new suggestions, if need be. The net result of this will be that the users of the building will feel safe, there will be reduced risk of security breaches and accidents will be dealt with effectively.   

If you are seeking a security and safety assessment of a project that you are building, then please get in touch with us and our team at Pillar Plus, will support you in this. We have other MEP-based services available too, check out our website today at  

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